Monday, 27 February 2017

Annika Drazek

German Bobsledder

Name: Annika Drazek
Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 11 April 1995
Place of Birth: Gladbeck, North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany
Sport: Bobsleigh
Height: 1m76cm (5'9)

Annika is German Bobsledder who used to compete as a Sprinter as a Junior. Her talents as a sprinter were noticed as she was recruited as the Anchor for her team mate Anja Schneiderheinze, but now races with Mariama Jamanka. With her former partner she finished as 2016 World Championships, but in 2017 has finished 4th with her new partner

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Dalma Galfi

Hungarain Tennis player

Name: Dalma Galfi
Nationality: Hungary
Date of Birth: 13 August 1998
Place of Birth: Veszprem, Hungary
Sport: Tennis
Height: 1m78cm (5'8)
Ranking: 154 (24/02/2017)

Dalma is an eighteen year old Hungarian tennis player who is steadily moving up the rankings. She has reached 154 in the world and has 7 ITF titles to her name.She recently made the second round of the Australian Open, which is by far her best Grand Slam performance. She has played Doubles with Fanny Stollar and won a Wimbledon Junior Doubles title with her.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Tereza Mihalikova

Slovakian teen Tennis player

Name: Tereza Mihalikova
Nationality: Hungary
Date of Birth: 02 June 1998
Place of Birth: Topoľčany, Slovakia
Sport: Tennis
Height: 1m79cm (5'8)
Ranking: 441 (24/02/2017)

Tereza is a 18 year old Tennis player from Slovakia. Her ranking of 441 is her highest ranking of her career. She is the past winner of a Junior Grand Slam, winning the Australian Open in 2016.  She has also reached the final of two previous Junior Grand Slam competitions in Doubles.

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Fanny Stollar

Hungarian Tennis Teen

Name: Fanny Stollar
Nationality: Hungary
Date of Birth: 12 November 1998
Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary
Sport: Tennis
Height: 1m72cm (5'6)
Ranking: 282 (24/02/2017)

Fanny is an 18 year old Hungarian Tennis player. She has one career tour win to her name, despite her very young career. Her highest ever ranking is 272 in 2016. She won a Junior Grand slam with her junior partner Dalma Galfi (who will feature soon) but is yet to appear at a senior Grand Slam. She has also represented Hungary at Fed Cup level.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Erica Jarder

Swedish Long Jumper

Name: Erica Jarder
Nationality: Sweden
Date of Birth: 02 April 1986
Place of Birth: Taby, Sweden
Sport: Athletics - Long Jump
Height: 1m73cm (5'6)
PB: 6m70cm (2015)

Erica is a Swedish Field athlete specialising in Long Jump. Her best career result is a Bronze in the 2013 European Indoor games held in her native Sweden. She has qualified for a number of International finals, but at 30, her career may have peaked.

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Alessandra Camarda

Italian Volleyball Player

Name: Alessandra Camarda
Nationality: Italy
Date of Birth: 5th August 1988
Place of Birth:
Bergamo, Italy
Sport: Volleyball
Height: 1m74cm (5'9)

Alessandra is an Italian Volleyball, and Beach Volleyball player. Her current side is Colleoni Trescore She has changed club 10 times previously in her career based largely in Italy but also in France.  Her clubs have been a mixture of levels from second tier to challenging for Europe. 

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