Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Top 5 Sexiest Women in Track and Field

Who are the sexiest women in Athletics? As we lead up to the Olympics next week in Rio for 2016 we look at the top 5.

Rio 2016 Top Athletics

Because Russian athlete s are BANNED we can't feature their athletes.

5. Grit Sadeiko
Grit is an Estonian Heptathlete who is insanely hot. Just look below. An outside medal hope, shes still one of the best things to watch these Olympics.

4. Alina Talay
The Belarussian is a 100m Hurdler who could win a medal. She is  a HWIS favourite.

3. Kristiina MäkeläFinnish Triple Jumper, who won;t be a medal challenger but is intensely beautiful

2. Patricia Mamona
Another Triple Jumper, Portuguese Patricia Mamona is gorgeous

1. Michelle Jenneke.
Australian Hurdler who shot to fame as a world star after being filmed dancing as a warm up. She is becoming the star her looks deserve

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