Sunday, 26 June 2016

Quincy Davis

American Surfer

Name: Quincy Davis
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 18 May 1995
Place of Birth: Montauk, New York, USA

Sport: Surfing
Height: 1m70cm (5'7)

Quincy is a surfer from the East Coast of American as opposed to the West Coast and Hawaii. She has a number of tour wins in the World Surf League (formerly ASP) under he belt, but so far this year hasn;t competed very much, and not with much success. Outside of Surfing she models for her sponsors. 

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Constance Sibille

French Tennis Player

Name: Constance Sibille
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 09 November 1990
Place of Birth: Metz, France
Sport: Tennis
Height: unknown
Ranking: 1206 (26/06/2016)

Constance is the lowest ranked player we have featured yet. That doesnt quite tell the full story as the French  tennis player finished 2015 in the 400's and has been as high as the 200's.  A jump back up the rankings would be welcome for her as she reaches her mid 20's. She has 4 ITF wins to her name in that career and one doubles title, but no Grand Slam experience.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Dutch swimmer

Name: Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Nationality: Netherlands
Date of Birth: 20 August 1990
Place of Birth: Sauwerd, Netherlands
Sport: Swimming
Height: 1m80cm (5'11)

The Dutch swimmer is a mix of Javan-Surinamese and Dutch, leading her beautiful exotic looks. Aside from her beauty she is a hugely successful swimmer, being one of the top names in Freestyle, winning no less than 4 medals this year at the European Championships, 3 of which were Gold. She will be hoping to make it 3 medal winning Olympics on the trot, winning at both Beijing and London before Rio.

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Lauren Fogle

American LFL player/ MMA fighter

Name: Lauren Fogle
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 02 January 1985
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Sport: LFL
Height: 1m63cm (5'4)
Team: Omaha Heart

As well as player for Omaha Heart in the LFL, Lauren is also a fighter in Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC). She used to play for Las Vegas Sin but has switched allegiance from this year. She also appeared in a Playboy shoot this year, in Croatian playboy in May. She used to try her hand at other sports, notably Speed Skating, but has settled on the more physical sports.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tyra Buss

American Basketball players

Name: Tyra Buss
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 25th April 1996
Place of Birth: Mt Carmel, Illinois, USA
Sport: Basketball
Height: 1m72cm (5'8)
Position: Guard

The young American is an all round athlete, not only excelling at Basketball, in which she plays for Illinois University Hoosiers, but Tennis and Athletics. She is the top player in the side, equalling many previous records set in the past. Tyra looks to have a very bright future.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Khadija Rahmouni

Spanish Middle-distance runner

Name: Khadija Rahmouni
Nationality: Spanish
Date of Birth: 30 November 1986
Place of Birth: unknown
Sport: Athletics - 800m
Height: unknown
PB: 2m06secs:88

Jadilla, or Khadija Rahmouni is a Spanish middle distance runner.  She is not ranked too highly in the World of 800m and he times this year are way of her best. In fact its very difficult to find much information about her, save for her gorgeous photos, so we included her for that reason alone.

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