Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Top 25 of 2015: #8 Jeanette Ottesen

In at 8th spot in the Top 25 of 2015 is Danish swimmer Jeanette Ottesen. As well as being extremely popular on this site, Jeanette won 5 championship medals. With two silvers at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan in two distances at Butterfly at 50m and 100m, She also won 3 medals at the European Long Course Championships in Netanya. With two silvers at the same distances and a Bronze at 50m Freestyle. This at an age many swimmers are starting to decline. This is all also after an incident involving Road Rage in Copenhagen when she had fingers broken after being attacked for driving slowly.

Jeanette was first featured on January 26th 2015. She has become the most popular Swimmer on the pages.

Here is her original gallery Jeanette Ottesen 1

Here are some more original images

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