Monday, 21 December 2015

Top 25 of 2015: #10 Jenny Rissveds

Swedish Mountain Biker Jenny Rissveds is the up and coming name in Cross Country Mountain Biking. Although she finished third in the U23 category in the World Championships, that was still a very good result, but not as good as her World Cup win with 6 wins on the way to doing so. She is also the Swedish national champion in her event, as well as in CycloCross

Jenny was first featured on HWiS on 18th of February 2015, and has been a big hit with viewers ever since, frequently topping the daily hits tally. 2016 could be a good year with the Olympics, and she will hope for a good finish and maybe a surprise podium

Her original gallery is here Jenny Rissveds 1

Some newer images are here

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