Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Top 25 of 2015: #1 Dafne Schippers

The number girl this year could only be Dafne Schippers. The success she has had this year is unbelievable. Coupled with being the second most popular page on the site and it was the perfect unbeatable storm to take the no. 1 on the list. And so after finishing second last year, the Dutch racer takes 2015 top spot.

Dafne this year of course sensationally won Gold at the 200m at the World Championships in Beijing, Sensational as she beat the might of the Jamaicans and the Americans to do so. She has previously won the silver in the 100m at the same championships which in itself would probably have given her enough success to have charted highly.

With the fact she was also Gold medallist at the 60m in the European Indoor Championships in Prague.

And it was only this year she fully decided to be a sprinter. prior to June she was also a top Heptathlete but gave this up to concentrate on the sprints

Dafne first featured on the site on 14th August 2014. She has always been of the sites more popular girls but the clicks and hits went through the roof after her World Championship successes.

Her original gallery is here Dafne Schippers 1

And here are some newer images

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