Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 Hot Tennis Players You've Probably Never Heard Of

In our time in HWiS we have featured an array of Tennis players who aren't the biggest names, but are just as hot as Maria Sharapova or Eugenie Bouchard. Now here is a round up of those sexy Tennis girls who are lower in the rankings. The rankings posted are current though the ones in their profile linked to may be out of date. Not to order them by preference, we will take them by ranking.


Elizaveta Kulichkova
Age: 18
Ranking: 145
Nationality: Russian
Profile: Elizaveta Kulichkova

Sorana Cirstea

Age: 24

Ranking 148
Nationality: Romanian
Profile: Sorana Cirstea

Aranxta Rus
Age: 24
Ranking: 230
Nationality: Dutch
Profile: Aranxta Rus

Amandine Hesse
Age: 22
Ranking: 275
Nationality: French
Profile: Amandine Hesse

Ipek Soylu
Age: 18
Ranking: 281
Nationality: Turkish
Profile: Ipek Soylu


Petra Uberalova
Age: 19
Ranking: 412
Nationality: Slovakian
Profile: Petra Uberalova


Julia Terziyska
Age: 19
Ranking: 485
Nationality: Bulgarian
Profile: Julia Terziyska


Marianna Zakarlyuk
Age: 18
Ranking: 592
Nationality: Ukrainian
Profile: Marianna Zakarlyuk


Michaela Honcova
Age: 22
Ranking: 616
Nationality: Slovakian
Profile: Michaela Honcova


Ani Vangelova
Age: 21
Ranking: 864
Nationality: Bulgarian
Profile: Ani Vangelova

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