Monday, 26 January 2015

Bouchard v Sharapova @Australian Open : Sexiest Match Ever?

Eugenie Bouchard is set to face Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open in the Quarter Finals. Due on the at Rod Laver Stadium in Melbourne in around 6-7 hours, the clash of the two blondes will not just be exciting due to the high standard of Tennis, but also due to the ball aching beauty of both competitors.

Is it the most beautiful match ever? Well both are beauties, but there are a host of hot girls in world Tennis currently. That siad I believe this is the hottest match in the world right now. Unless you like brunettes.

Canadian Bouchard will face the mighty Sharapova, and Sharapova has three wins to Bouchards none.However two were in 2013 and Bouchard has rose in the rankings and is now one of the leaders of the Ladies game.

Sharapova is the second seed and likely to win, but Bouchard is a cracking player, and could spring a surprise. Either way, we the viewers are the winners, because both are stunners as you will see below.

Here are both the girls posing

Bouchard and Sharapova

and here are shots of both of at the Australian Open, but sporting bright Nike dresses, with bright tight shorts beneath.
Eugenie Bouchard
Maria Sharapova

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