Sunday, 21 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #9 - Christen Press

American Soccer Hottie Christen Press has had a tremendous year. She was part of the Tyreso squad that lost in the Champions League final to Wolfburg (and #10 Selina Wagner). After Tyreso folded she headed back to the US to play for Chicago, who missed out on the Playoffs, but form whom she scored the Golden Boot trophy. She was pat of the US squad the won the CONCACAF Womens cup, qualifying for the World Cup along the way. She is now part of th squad about to play the final for the US against Brazil in the Tourneio in Brazil. She appeared on the pages of HWiS first on 4th July (apt for an American) and has been a constant favourite

For her original gallery click here Christen Press 1

and here are our favourite images

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