Monday, 29 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #3 - Ashlyn Harris

The American Goalkeeper comes in at third spot on our list. Consistently amongst the sites favourite women, she first appeared on the 5th of July, and since then has always remained within the top 5 most viewed on the website, and featured as part of the "Sexiest 5 a-Side Team" feature, helping her hits no end.
On the pitch she was part of the US squad to win the CONCACAF Womens Championships and in the process qualify for the World Cup next year in Canada. She was also in the aquad that finished runners up for the Tourneio in Brazil, losing to the hosts. In the Domestic leagues, in the USA, her Washington Spirit team made the playoffs, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

This was her original page: Ashlyn Harris

And a few of our favourite images

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