Saturday, 6 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #23 - Rocio Sanchez Moccia

And the girl occupying the 23rd spot in our 2014 countdown of the top 25 Hot Women in Sport for 2014 is Rocio Sanchez Moccia.

Going on the basis as we have that we combine sporting performance, with popularity on our site and then Field Hockey girl Rocio Sanchez Moccia comes in at 23rd spot. The Argentine was part of a team that not only finished third on the World but won the South American Championships in 2014. That's a good year in our books. Since first appearing on our pages on the 10th of September Rocio has been a popular girl on HWiS, and combined with her successes put her firmly in the top 25 of the year.
Missing out on the World Cup Final didn't stop the girl from smiling, and the diminutive star will be hoping to go better in the current Champions Trophy.

Rocio's original page and gallery are here: Rocio Sanchez Moccia 1

Here are three of our favourite Rocio images

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