Monday, 8 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #21 - Silje Norendal

Silje was the second girl ever featured on the website. The Norwegian snowboarder got plenty of new supporters during the Olympics when she appeared in the Slopestyle at Sochi 2014.

She features at 21st on our list, being one of the people with highest views per day ratio since appearing on June 21st 2014. As well as that though she had a successful year. Before the Olympics she won the Slopestyle at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. This put her amongst the favourites for the Olympics in Russia. However after a promising start finishing in fourth in the Semi Finals, she had a poor final and only finished in 11th spot overall. That said plenty of people now knew who she was who didn't before, and her followers on Social Media skyrocketed.

Her original gallery is here Silje Norendal 1
Her best of Instagram is here: Silje Norendal - Best of Instagram

Here a couple of our favourite shots and one of her celebrating her big win

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