Monday, 29 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #2 - Dafne Schippers

The Dutch sprinter came of age in her event this year after being somewhat of any everywoman. Previously being a Heptathlete who was good at Sprinting, this year she started to excel at the 100m and 200m, at the European Championships. And although its not the very elite at world standard without the Americans and Jamaicans.
At 22 her career as a Sprinter would be all in front of her. As recently though as 2013 she won a medal at Heptathlon at a Global stage, but her double win in the sprints at the European really announced her on that stage. Its difficult, because many pundits have said she has to make a decision about what really to do, continue with Heptathlon or focus on Sprinting, as combining both would be too detrimental to success in either.
She first featured on the site on the 14th of August, and as is obvious from her psoition has been since a site mainstay in the most viewed pages.

Her original page is here Dafne Schippers

Here are some of our favourite images

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