Monday, 15 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #15 - Alex Morgan

In 15th spot on the top 25 of 2014 is the American star Football player Alex Morgan.

Alex regularly tops polls for the hottest Footballer in the World if not Sports star. there is no doubting she is a very beautiful player and deserves many of her fans. But this list isn't just about looks, but popularity and success in 2014. So therefore as well as being one of the more popular girls we have featured, she has been one of the more successful. On the domestic front her team finished in 3rd in the League but were not a success in the playoffs. But on the International front, the USA won the CONCACAF Womens Championship to qualify for the 2015 World Cup. She was first featured on 5th August 2014 and continues to be a majorly popular choice on the site

Her original gallery is available here Alex Morgan 1

Here a range of her pics we featured previously

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