Friday, 19 December 2014

Top 25 of 2014: #11 - Carla Rebecchi

Argentine Hockey Star Carla Rebecchi comes in at 11th place on our list of the Top 25 Women of the World.

Carla first appeared on the pages of HWiS on 12th September, and like her team mate Rocio Sanchez Moccia has been a very popular choice on the site ever since. Coupled with a high level of success this year, winning the South American Championship and coming in third at the World Championship, and with Domestic success, Carla has narrowly missed out on the Top 10. She is one of a number of Hockey players making the list, with the girls of the sport being very popular amongst fans on HWiS.

Here is her original gallery: Carla Rebecchi 1

And a couple of our favourite images

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