Saturday, 29 November 2014

Rebecca Torr

New Zealand Snowboarder

Name: Rebecca Torr
Nationality: New Zealand
Date of Birth: 15 March 1990
Place of Birth: Tauranga, New Zealand
Sport: Snowboard
Height: 1m73cm (5'8)

Rebecca goes by the nickname of Possum and uses it across all her social media to the point some websites credit it as her real name. She competes in the Slopestyle event, and although she wasn't a success she compete for New Zealand at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. She made more headlines there by confessing to using Internet hook up site Tinder to snare a Jamaican Bobsledder.

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson - Best of Instagram

We first featured Katarina on June 23rd this year, only the 10th girl to be featured on the site. She consequently had to pull out of a number of championships through injury, but as you will see from the pictures taken from Instagram, she has been recuperating with a holiday in Thailand.

You can follow Silje on Instagram at Katarina Johnson-Thompson Instagram

You can view our original gallery and factfile here Katarina Johnson-Thompson 1

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Marianna Zakarlyuk

Ukrainian Tennis Beauty

Name: Marianna Zakarlyuk
Nationality: Ukrainian
Date of Birth: 22 September 1996
Place of Birth: ??? Ukraine
Sport: Tennis
Height: 1m78cm (5'10)
Ranking: 507 (26th November 2014)

Marianna is a fairly unknown player on the tennis circuit but has to be one of the hottest layers there is. The 18 year old Ukrainian is a regular user of Instagram where she posts many selfies. Last year she reached a peak of  416 in the rankings. She has said that she wouldn't do a Simona Halep and reduce her breast size to enhance her game.

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Anna Sidorova

Russian Curler

Name: Anna Sidorova
Nationality: Russian
Date of Birth: 06 February 1991
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Sport: Curling
Height: 1m79cm (5'10)

Anna was the skipper of the Russian Curling team in the 2014 Olympics held in Sochi. A former figure skater she had to give that up at a young age so she took up Curling. With Russia hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sidorova was used as one of the faces of the games, along side many of her beautiful co competitors she posed in a number of sexy shoots as the Russians tried to raise interest in their homeland to support the games. Although they didn't fair well at the Olympics she skipped the team to Third in the World Championships shortly after,

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Myriam Nicole

French Mountain Biker

Name: Myriam Nicole
Nationality: French
Date of Birth: 08 February 1990
Place of Birth: Montpellier, France
Sport: Mountain Bike
Height: 1m64cm (5'4)

Our latest feature is the French Mountain Biker Myriam Nicole. She has been racing for 9 years but been professional for 6. She started riding because of her older brothers and that drove her to be one of the leading riders. She has numerous high place finishes in here career but no prestigious wins as yet. She wasn;t at the 2012 Olympics but will hope to make it to 2016.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Eileen Kelly

Canadian Golfer

Factfile: Eileen Kelly
Nationality: Canada
Date of Birth: 18 November 1987
Place of Birth: British Columbia, Canada
Sport: Golf
Height: unknown

Eileen was a late comer to the world of Golf, not playing her first tournament till the age of 20. She did play when younger but only took it up seriously later in life. She played at the University of British Colombia. Her aim is to reach the LPGA.

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