Monday, 20 October 2014

Recent Best of Social Media

Although intended to be weekly, I have been somewhat lazy. So here is a wider round up of past few weeks.

Eugenie Bouchard is always prolific of Social Media, and recently she has posted a hosted a host of pics that she looked stunning in, so here they area.

 Eugenie Bouchard
Hanging out in Singapore for the WTA End of Year event, she took a number of pics on the roof top swimming pool of where she way staying and looked fabulous

Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir
Posted this picture celebrating her teams triumph in becoming League Champions

Lynn Hutchison
Posted this picture in giant clogs from Amsterdam

Maria Ramberger
Posted this picture that could either be an intense test on a bike, or shes auditioning for Bane

Elena Vesnina
Remember the pool Eugenie Bouchard keeps posting above? Heres Elen Vesnina hanging out in it.,

Susie Wolff
Posted this picture of her in a classic Mercedes vehicle for a photo shoot

Emilia Fahlin
Emilia was ecited to be off to Ice Hockey match in her home town of Orebro

Caroline Buchanan 
Caroline has been in Colombia and here she is sampling the local coffee

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