Friday, 19 September 2014

This Weeks Best of Social Media

Taken from various Sporting Stars Facebooks, Twitters and Instagrams are the best we've seeen this week, news, pictures or action.

From Facebook

If you follow Eugenie Bouchards account page you might have seen her posting pictures from the beach in LA. If not here it is

Laure Boulleau was posting selfies with her cat on her Facebook page

Sage Erickson was showing off a cool Donut Swim Suit, and some purple hair on her page which we find very cute.

And HWiS favourite Julia Simic was posting pictures in a Sauna Sweat Suit.

From Twitter

Elene Vesnina gave us a sneaky peak of some shots from a shoot she just did

Hannah Teter showed off an image of her Boarding in the Southern Hemisphere via a Helicopter

Siri Minge had been meeting Felix Baumgautner, the world famous stunt man extraordinaire

And Miki Iibata was getting bandaged up, complete with photo annotations

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