Thursday, 21 August 2014

Angelica Bengtsson

Swedish Pole Vaulter

Name: Angelica Bengtsson
Nationality: Swedish
Date of Birth: 08 July 1993
Place of Birth: Vackelsang, Sweden
Sport: Athletics - Pole Vault
Height: 1m63cm (5'4)
Personal Best: 4m58 (2012)

Angelica Bengtsson is a top Swedish Pole Vaulter. She started out wanting to be a gymnast, and those type of skills have enabled her to be a Pole Vaulter. She has consistently been one of the top Youth performers in the past few years and will be seeking to push that form on to senior competitions. Although Swedish born, and competing for Sweden she locates herself in France for training purposes. Her father was a Javelin thrower

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